Kickstart 2019 with Voice Search Advertising

At ZEOZ our mission is to reverse engineer search to remove time plus effort in researching small businesses online and as a by-product creating job opportunities for millions of professionals in the on-demand space.

Our untried and untested experimental technology is clinically trialed by 5000+ users and offers professional early birds a taste of peer to peer voice search for services when coupled with AI digital assistants and the opportunity to help us improve the ZEOZ experience by sharing your opinions and reviews across different professional platforms.

Stealing a line from HSBC - Our intelligence is not artificial. It’s real.

Smartphones with Google Play and App Store services available.
Professionals listed to advertise in the target geography and online to receive instant notifications.

Operational guide:
To perform a search, ZEOZ asks for location services to display a directory of professionals and services in range with microphone access to transport voice search to small businesses and professionals advertising in ZEOZ to answer voice search.

As a search call is answered, an instant alert is given to the sender to view results with company profile and voice reviews left by other customers at the end of each successful search.

Operational cost:
Voice search is free.
To self-register as a local business professional in ZEOZ directory services it is free.
To listen to voice search it is free.

ZEOZ operates a pay per click business model to answer voice search. A *coin is mined each time a search is performed that can be privately or publicly traded as a utility token or redeemed in exchange for goods or services where accepted.
No other fee or commission rate apply.
*Coin value subject to change.

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