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How Zeoz Works For Buyers
Why buy from Zeoz?
For many people, buying print is complicated. You can search on the web. But is the supplier you found really any good? Is the price fair?
Think of us as your print virtual assistant.
Source whatever items you need from our extensive range of suppliers and deal with them directly. What makes Zeoz different is the simplicity of finding a supplier that is right for you.
It is also our open book policy: you deal with our community of suppliers directly. You compare quotes, talk to them and decide on the right supplier for you. All with no hidden fees: just one tiny micro-payment per job.
Welcome to the Zeoz
community of print suppliers
The Zeoz team has a history of working in the printing industry
Many of the suppliers on this site have been customers of ours for many years.
Now we have expanded with a wide range of new suppliers. Our trusted supplier network totals over 100 printing companies with 563.00 users. Each of our suppliers undergoes a rigorous due diligence check before they are accepted into our community. Our system matches you with the right suppliers for your job.
So how does
Zeoz work for print buyers?
As soon as you have signed up to Zeoz, you can request a quote. When you do this, you will be taken to a keyboard where you can start typing what you wish to buy. As you do this a list of products is displayed that becomes more precise as you type.
You can also choose how local you wish your supplier to be. We identify your location from your IP address so we can find you a local supplier. If you choose not to share your location with us that’s fine. We will still find you a supplier but it may not be local to you.

Use the location slider to choose the maximum distance your supplier can be from you. (For certain products it may be necessary to expand the radius in order to locate suppliers.)
When you click on a product you will be prompted to leave a brief voice message explaining what you wish to source. Relevant suppliers will then be contacted and told that they have a new enquiry. You will be contacted by interested suppliers through the private system chat. You are then free to contact them and provide any further information that they need. The supplier will send you a quote. It’s up to you whether you wish to go ahead or not: there is no obligation. By the way, we set a ten-minute guideline for a supplier to make their initial response to you.
How are you matched to the right supplier?
The Zeoz system matches your request to the right supplier by the product keywords that the suppliers have registered under and by location.
It is entirely up to you to make the final decision about the suppliers that contact you.
How are you
guaranteed to get a good job?
Zeoz carries out due diligence on all suppliers before they are accepted into the Zeoz community. All suppliers have to complete the Zeoz questionnaire. We assess their answers. Then we credit check them and follow up on references that we have asked them to supply. Only then can they be listed on our site.
The final choice as to whether a supplier is tight for your order is down to you as the buyer. So if you have any specific requirements from your vendors, make sure that you follow this up before making your final purchasing decision. The open environment of Zeoz means that you know exactly whom you will be dealing with and you can ask them anything you want.
What’s the Zeoz coin?
A coin found in the print trade
We subtract a micropayment, currently a fraction of a cent each time you make an enquiry. As you make more enquiries, you’ll be reminded to top up your account.