Zeoz send voicemail to small business for search assistance

What is It?

Virtual assistance for professional services no matter the distance.

What we offer?

Virtual Assistants offering professional services from home and office.

How can it benefit you?

It takes your post to front desk of businesses advertising with a short sound bite.

Why you should have it?

When AI can’t help you it’s a choice of connecting with a human.

What’s the cutting edge?

It cuts the middleman by putting you in touch with multiple providers.

What is the cost?

Zeoz is a Dollar subscription service per day requires no contract and can be cancelled at anytime.

Anything else?

The system is unfiltered, has no intelligence of its own, uses location (when found) and a keyword to trigger notifications between front desk subscribers representing local businesses via email with a window to chat.

What milestones?

The 1st milestone is to connect a million subscribers worldwide.