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A cloud-based print assistant and an upcoming Alexa development designed to connect 40+ million potential buyers to printing companies at the frontline of voice search.
What skill does Zeoz offer?
Zeoz matches location and search range to radio voice orders for local print services. In return charting private bids on a first come first served basis with an open channel for communication.
Allows users to ask questions, compare quotes and deadlines before placing an order. No hidden fees minus one micro-payment as an introduction to the Zeoz coin.
Hey! Welcome to the Zeoz
print network
Zeoz has a history in the printing industry
Early users of this site are celebrated printing companies using Web to Print Management Information System that have undergone basic background checks.
This service was established to provide our valued 562.00 users something a little cutting edge and human.
So how does
Zeoz voice for print buyers?
For local printing services you are recommended to use this site with the browser location turned on to display a search radius and characters representing the first initial of a good or service listed by providers in the area.
To see if Zeoz covers your area please see map. For buyers wanting to try Zeoz in private Zeoz cannot guarantee the proximity of bids.

On keyword selection, buyers will be asked to record a clear specification and register so that Zeoz knows who you are and how to contact you as bids roll in. On receipt, buyers are free to browse for other services related to the printing industry while Zeoz radios local printer’s paying-per-click to answer quote requests with a window to quote direct.
How are you
guaranteed a good quote?
With its virtual print assistant, Zeoz provides printing companies software services to estimate the cost of time and material required to produce pieces of art at market rates. The final choice as to whether a quote is right for you is up to you as the buyer.
Due diligence: Zeoz recommends trading with caution at all times. An onsite press check is 1 way to establish quality and credibility of your preferred supplier.
What other
Zeoz system is out now?
One printing system to manage Web to Print and Print MIS modules in one business application tried, tested and run by some of the best print management teams.