Zeoz send voicemail to small business for search assistance
Virtual Print Assistant
Your doorbell to a new world!
Zeoz registers subscribers name, address, product and service to make announcements when a new search is found with a button to hit reply.
Welcome to the future
It’s free to trial, plus you get to be part of the 1st Generation of printers using virtual assistance.
Secondly Gartner research and other sources for “voice search” and related topics such as “virtual personal assistant” respectively predict a rising trend. By integrating with a voice platform like Amazon’s Alexa; Zeoz plans to leverage demand for products and services to print providers in the frontline adopting new and intuitive technology.
So how do you
rig the system?
During the registration process you’ll be asked for your employers name, address and list of products and services that need to be added as keywords. What happens next is...
Now that Zeoz is setup, knows who and where you are. It’ll list your keywords to buyers in an area of 300 miles and contact you automatically at this point with an invitation to list. It does this via email so you don’t have to stay signed in to receive notifications.

To hear a voice message from the buyer that outlines what they want; you’ll have to sign in. At this point we deduct a micropayment advertised here if you interested to list and open a private window to bid, comment or question.
An advertising
platform with no transaction fees
Think of Zeoz as a search partner. The only payments you’ll ever make to it are a fixed line rental to keep the network alive and when you choose to accept an enquiry: that’s the PPC micropayment. It varies according to the popularity of the product and is our attempt to deflate the high cost of advertising.
This payment is only made if you accept an enquiry. If you are busy, you do not have to accept the enquiry.

There are no membership fees, no transaction fees, no commissions and no charge to join the platform. You are free to make your own commercial agreement with the customer without involving us.
What background
checks do we perform?
When you have completed registration we contact you to supply a print application form to fill in with information relating to customers, suppliers, employees, material, machine and labor rates for cross verification in an internal print management information system.
Note: Wait times vary case to case and depend upon several factors including the rate at which information is supplied.
What other
Zeoz system is out now?
One printing system to manage Web to Print and Print MIS modules in one business application tried, tested and run by some of the best print management teams.