64 People Voice 143 Demands on Zeoz. Alt voice assistant to search markets

Voice Commerce

To share what you’re buying and selling with glocal providers.

How to make money on ZeOz

Make money providing trade services to people wherever you go.
  • 1. Get up early and introduce yourself.
    Got an email address and a cell phone? Great, now give us a bit more information and start bidding immediately.
  • 2. Trade services.
    A list of the services you provide to trade e.g. digital printing, commercial printing, mailing etc.
  • 3. Upload your documents
    Time for the paperwork. Here are the documents we need to see for account verification:
    • A valid Driver’s license or passport copy.
    • Trade certificate.
    • Tax registration certificate.
  • 4. Activate your account
    If you’ve completed all the above steps, congratulations! You’ll start receiving alerts to bid when a match for services is found.