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How Zeoz Works For Suppliers
Are you looking for more customers?
Zeoz is the new search platform that concentrates specifically on the printing industry. This is your chance to benefit from the rapidly expanding voice search trend. Right now, it’s hard for your company to control where it comes in the voice search algorithms. Zeoz aims to change this with our forthcoming integrations, including Alexa and Google Assistant. And we are pretty good at traditional search too.
We are modern day search for printing companies without typical PPC costs
Zeoz connects the right printers with the right buyers through its keywording activity.
We do this at a fraction of the cost of PPC or adwords, both of which are rapidly rising in cost.also our open book policy: you deal with our community of suppliers directly. You compare quotes, talk to them and decide on the right supplier for you. All with no hidden fees: just one tiny micro-payment per job.
So how does
Zeoz work?
It’s simple! Firstly, a buyer registers interest with Zeoz, either through voice or traditional search.
As part of this process, we capture their location and the keywords of the product that they are interested in.
If you are close to the buyer and supply the type of products that they are interested in, we contact you automatically. We do this by email: you do not have to be logged into Zeoz to receive the notification. You also hear a voice message from the buyer that outlines what they want.

If the enquiry interests you, you choose to accept it. At this point we deduct a micropayment (see below). We then open a private chat between you and the buyer. You are free to contact them, collect any further information that you need and provide them with a quote.
Zeoz is a low-cost
platform with no transaction fees
Think of Zeoz as a search partner, not a price comparison site. The only payment you make to us is when you choose to accept an enquiry: that’s our PPC micropayment. It varies according to the popularity of the product but is typically just a few cents/pence.
For current rates, see here. This payment is only made if you accept an enquiry. If you are busy, you do not have to accept the enquiry and no charge is made.

There are no membership fees, no transaction fees, no commissions and no charge to join the platform. You are free to make your own commercial agreement with the customer without involving us.
Here’s how to become a
supplier it only takes 24 hours
Click on sign up option. You’ll find the registration process really simple. Do take time to make sure that you are keyworded to all the products and services you offer. This maximises your chance of being matched to enquiries. When you have completed the registration process you will be contacted by Zeoz.
We will welcome you aboard and carry out our simple due diligence process so that our customers can be sure they are dealing with reputable suppliers. This call is human to human. You will be contacted by us within one working day of signing up. Once our due diligence is complete you are added to the platform and can start receiving enquiries.
What’s the Zeoz coin?
A coin found in the print trade
We subtract a micropayment, currently a fraction of a cent each time you make an enquiry. As you make more enquiries, you’ll be reminded to top up your account.