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Voice Commerce

Share what you’re buying and selling with glocal business in the print industry.

How to earn on Zeoz Prints

Make money providing printing services to business using voice assistance.
  • 1. Introduce yourself.
    Got a name, an email address and a cell phone? Great, now give us a bit more information to get onboard.
  • 2. Employer details.
    Name of your employer, contact details and company address.
  • 3. Products and services.
    A list of products that you would like to receive communication about from Zeoz Prints as buyers enquire.
  • 4. Buy a Zeoz credit
    Visit the Store for further information.
  • 5. Upload your information.
    Time for the paperwork. Here are the documents we need to see for account verification:
    • A certificate of incorporation.
    • A picture ID e.g. a valid driver’s license or passport.
    • A utility bill showing.
    • Contact name and details of 3 x Customers you have traded with recently.
    • Contact name and details of 3 x Suppliers you have traded with recently.
  • 6. Activate your account
    As you complete all the above steps, congratulations! You’ll start receiving alerts to quote when an enquiry matching your profile is found.