Buy store credit?
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  • Matches keyword search and local trade services.
  • Displays results found and suggests what’s listed based on trades listed.
  • Selection launches a microphone to record audio message, replay, set release date and post.
  • Free sign up.
  • Complimentary credit for trade references.
Early Traders
  • Receive trade alerts as they occur.
  • Hear traders calling for services matched by industry, service and location.
  • Choose when to bid.
  • Pay-per-click to list and start a chat.
Voice Search
  • Super-duper-easy. Must use at home with family, friends and co-workers.
  • Rating: PG-13
  • A £1.00 minimum purchase gives you 100 Zillion pennies.
  • 1 Zillion penny can be redeemed to post or answer a trade on Zeoz (subject to market conditions).
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