Voice included?
With a zeoz wallet to exchange voice commands with business.
Where can I get a zeoz wallet and is it free?
Sign up to create a zeoz account.
Is the wallet empty or is there something inside?
50 zeoz coin plus <> voice order.
What can I do with it? To voice trade.
Yes where zeoz accepted.
Why would a business want a zeoz coin?
  • To play and be No.1 in listing as a buyer or seller.
What is the listing fee for business wanting to advertise on zeoz?
Introductory rate per listing 0.00 zeoz coin.
How can I earn more coin?
Post on zeoz to earn more 0.00
Post on our Social media page to be contacted by Customer Service.
can I buy more coin?
In store purchase coming soon.
Yes at selected brick and mortar stores.
Why are you promoting?
To Develop, Store, Process, Route, Play and Connect Data to assist economy.
What % does zeoz take?
  • Less than 1%! Giving business room to grow and pass on savings to the buyer.