Hey, Wsup, Hello
  • Game? For Business
  • Game play? Voice included.
  • Released? 2021 for commercial use in Pakistan.
Voice included?
  • With a zeoz wallet to give and take voice commands for business.
Where can I get a Zeoz wallet and is it free?
  • Sign up to create a zeoz account.
Is the wallet empty or is there something inside?
  • Zeoz Paisa.
What can I do with it? Can I use it to trade real goods and services?
  • Yes where Zeoz accepted.
Why would a business want Zeoz paisa?
  • To play and be No.1 in listing as a buyer or seller.
What is the listing fee for business wanting to advertise on PK BOL?
  • Introductory rate per listing 0.99 Zeoz paisa.
How can I earn more Zeoz paisa?
  • Post on PK BOL to earn more Zeoz paisa.
  • Post on our Social media page to be contacted by Customer Service.
Where can I buy Zeoz paisa?
  • In store purchase coming soon.
  • Yes at selected brick and mortar stores.
Why are you promoting Zeoz paisa?
  • Fundraising for Developing, Storing, Processing, Routing, Playing and Connecting Data to build own economy.
What % does PK BOL from any sale and purchase?
  • 0% giving business opportunity to grow, save more and pass on saving to the buyer.