Q: How do I post a question here?
A: Write to hello@zeoz.company.

Q: On the home page it says 'count' voice search. Can you explain what this 'count' is?
A: The count is the total number of voice search performed since 2015 exact time and date to be confirmed.

Q: At what stage is this project?
A: Early stage.

Q: How was the original concept coined?
A: By fusing ideas to create a helpline and voice bank.

Q: What is the end-product?
A: A peer to peer search engine connecting disconnected small business networks to form a hotline.

Q: What is the size of the audience that you are trying to connect with?
A: Small company to micro-entity professionals.

Q: Is it free or does it cost to answer a small company or micro-entity call?
A: A connection fee (subject to change) as displayed in the exchange published at https://zeoz.company/market.html.

Q: How do you pay and are there any further percentages, deductions or fees to either party in the exchange?
A: The initial one-time connect fee is paid in advance by Zillion coin.The remainder transaction is agreed between the 2 parties transacting.

Q: Must I buy a Zillion coin?
A: The application model is Pay-Per-Click i.e. you do not need to buy a Zillion coin if you are searching, looking up information or making a booking. A Zillion coin is required if you have registered to sell, receive a call alert, hear and want to answer as the search is performed.

Q: What does a Zillion coin give me?
A: Direct access to a voice search. User profile, rating, trading name with unlimited voice messaging and voice calling with the other party (where permitted).

Q: How is a Zillion coin mined?
A: When a voice search is made, a Zillion coin is mined when a recipient is found:

1 caller 0 recipient = 0 coin mined
1 caller 1 recipient = 1 coin mined
1 called x recipient = 1 coin mined

In summary, the total of Zillion that exist equals the total number of voice search in app.

Q: Why is your website so simple?
A: The project started as a pet project, now a limited micro-entity. This site is under construction.

Q: Do you need any assistance?
A: Yes to arrange a hackathon to identify system strengths and weaknesses and a voice for the app.

Q: Who are you?
A: Algorithm writers, part-time agile and full stack developers plus 1 designer.

Q: Are you recruiting?
A: Always, please write to hr@zeoz.company.

Q: I forgot my password. How do I reset?
A: Please write to support@zeoz.company.

Q: Nobel cause?
A: An emergency switch to cut off all connection fees in the event of a disaster where peer to peer connectivity will be fundamental to finding local aid. This feature is not yet available.

Q: Is Zillion a digital coin?
A: Yes to connect small business and micro-entities.

Q: Are all of your small business and micro-entities professionals vetted?
A: It is purely a trust based network where small business and micro-entity professionals rate and review each others supplies and services.