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Zeoz cares about the planet
Every time you make a search through Zeoz, you make a difference to the plant
Zeoz is setting up its own seed planting programme. This is funded through the micropayments made on the site. Zeoz pledges to plant a seed for every voice search made on the channel.
We are aiming for a first milestone of one million seeds: think of the difference we can make with that!
We have a minimum impact ethos
Our team is based on remote working. There is no wasteful office space and no un-necessary travel. This minimises our carbon footprint. It also ensures that our team spend the maximum possible time with their homes and families.
We also want
our suppliers to be as sustainable as possible
As part of our supplier due diligence process, we check out a supplier’s environmental policies. We expect our suppliers to conform to the best industry environmental standards. Contact us to find out more.