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Early Bird Questions

Question: What is Zeoz?

  • Zeoz: A company offering 3 software modules to the printing industry for sales, management and clients remote ordering.

Question: What does Zeoz Prints do in 2 words?

  • Zeoz: Connect trade.

Question: Do I need to download an app to run Zeoz Prints?

  • Zeoz: Not at this time. This version is browser based.

Question: What Internet browsers is Zeozprints.com compatible with?

  • Zeoz: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Question: Why does Zeoz ask for my location services to be given on opening?

  • Zeoz: To provide you a range of products and services listed by trade printers in a 300 mile radius.

Question: Zeoz Prints asked for my location and I blocked it but it still shows me an index. Where is this data coming from?

  • Zeoz: When Zeoz cannot determine your location, it works in flight mode by displaying an index given by businesses that have not provided an address in their Zeoz profile.

Question: Why does Zeoz request permission to access my microphone?

  • Zeoz: To record a message to broadcast to business matching your location and keyword.

Question: How much does it cost to post to Zeoz?

  • Zeoz: Yes a minimum buy in of a dollar is required which gives you 100 posts.

Question: Shouldn’t posting be free?

  • Zeoz: Not as a business to business classified ad service plus we are self funded and could do with the revenue.

Question: Is there a time limit for business to reply to a post?

  • Zeoz: We’re considering giving a ten minute window as standard and then control to the user sending the post.

Question: What is the name of the token?

  • Zeoz: Zillion originally but we were beat to the name so we’re rebranding it as the Zeoz coin.

Question: Is this a crypto currency sale?

  • Zeoz: No. It is a utility token sale for use in the Zeoz ecosystem to trade information and services. Like a token to play paperboy.

Question: What is the utility of the token?

  • Zeoz: Entrance to a marketplace. Requesting assistance from 1+ peers. Intel when someone presses a keyword requesting your services in your space.

Question: How many users are on Zeoz Prints?

  • Zeoz: 1,089.00 users with very little or next to nothing spent on marketing and advertising.

Question: Who governs the content e.g. keywords?

  • Zeoz: Our audience. Business users.

Question: What does your Zeoz development roadmap look like for next 6 months?

  • Zeoz: Applying soft caps to time when replying to post, token count, data encryption, abuse report, block user, credit transfer, posting to social mediums, integrating with print management information systems, Alexa and Google virtual assistants then blockchain.

Question: What other business applications does Zeoz offer to the industry:

  • Zeoz: A Print Management Information System with Web to Print as a value add module for our clients and their business.

Question: Can Zeoz Prints be used to contact 3rd party suppliers of Print MIS and Web to Print Systems.

  • Zeoz: Yes provided the competition has signed up to offer services in your area.

Question: Are rights of admission reserved?

  • Zeoz: Yes.

Question: As a printer moving into print management. Am I able to advertise my equipment for sale?

  • Zeoz: Yes.

Question: We are experiencing paper shortages. Can we communicate with other business on the Zeoz network?

  • Zeoz: Yes.