A billion dollar economy for small businesses

This is It

Information Technology connecting subscribers by taking interest and voice orders.

What we offer

A helpline leading to front desk of businesses for just in time services.

How can it benefit you

By saving you asking the same question twice.

Why you should have it

For beginners an alternate solution to AI virtual assistants.

What’s the cutting edge

It gives business search a moment’s notice with a voice note and window to reply in near real time while you shop around.

How much is it

Activate your trial subscription from $1 for pay as you go around the clock services. No contract required and can be cancelled at anytime.

What’s your marketing strategy

Word of mouth through a network of private companies using ePRO MIS in version 1. SEO for voice assistance while integrating with Google Chrome as an extension and 3rd party AI systems like Amazon Alexa as a skill in versions 2 and 3.

What milestones

Next is to connect a million subscribers.